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But this picture scares the living hell out of me, seen it before in the last two presidential elections with cult worshipping Obamabots…….

I for one will never hero worship a politician no matter who it is. This pic tells it all about the many falling for this guy. It sickens me to see this happening with republicans.

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  1. Sadly Americans display sitcom mentality in these times. Laugh tracks are a fiction. These hyped affairs are too. I suspect The Donald realizes this and may be playing the house. I am wary because history has many tales about so-called charismatic leaders. Many end badly…

  2. The same thing happened when Arnold Schwarzenegger ran on the republican ticket for Governor of California. There are always some who will vote for the show business personality and the one with name recognition ( I knew a couple who were starry-eyed over him), regardless of the candidate’s experience. But I really think Trump is a little better qualified than Arnold, at least in executive experience.

    1. It’s sad however, that at a time when we need a strong conservative voice like Reagan, we have Trump, the differences between the two men couldn’t be greater. There is no Trump move to reinvigorate the party, creating a new GOP, he’s just creating a Trump movement, not a conservative one. He’s coopted the party, and made it about him. Trump = great America, Great America = Trump.

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