Finland Ted Cruz


Through his wife Heidi.

Cruz’s Finnish connection

…a piece about the wife of Ted Cruz….

In every presidential election the candidates’ roots and international connections come under the microscope. On Tuesday Ita-Sanomat’s website led with news of an upset victory for Ted Cruz in the Iowa Caucuses, before following up with a story about his wife Heidi’s Finnish background.

Cruz overcame the odds to beat Donald Trump in Iowa and now leads in delegates for the Republican party nomination. If nominated as the Republican candidate he’d stand a good chance of leading the only superpower in the world, with his finger on the nuclear button and his team stewarding the world’s biggest economy.

IS however regards his wife’s family background as almost as interesting for Finnish readers, excitedly telling them that Heidi’s mother migrated from Savonlinna and even tracking down a distant relative based in Lohja. Unfortunately the relative has never met Heidi or Ted, but there is still plenty of time before any possible Cruz inauguration.


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