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The crushing grip on public discourse has been the mainstay of the tyrant(s).

The statist always seeks the centralization of concentrated power and in order to accomplish that goal, dissent has to be crushed. Only within a society given over to the welfare state mentality, undergirded by top-down multiculturalism, and enforced by the iron fist of political correctness could the simple pointing out of highly dangerous aspects of Islam (that run against our traditions and values and political systems) land that person into trouble.

What happens if you express a negative view of Islam? Ask Tommy Robinson

The former leader of the English Defence League is now a national pariah. Perhaps he deserves it – or perhaps it should worry us all

Tommy Robinson on a march in Denmark, January 2016

Tommy Robinson on a march in Denmark, January 2016 Photo: Aleksander Klug/NurPhoto/REX/Shutte​rstock

A few weeks back, Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League, sent me his self-published memoirs, called Enemy of the State. The book has been largely ignored by most of the established media, although has caused a bit of a stir among counter-Jihadist groups across Europe. I’d recommend people read it, although perhaps not for the reasons Tommy would like you to.

“Tommy Robinson, whatever you think of him, has had a busy and interesting few years”

First up, I should say something about how it’s written. It’s chronological, starting from his childhood, and runs right up to the end of 2015. Tommy Robinson, whatever you think of him, has had a busy and interesting few years: football hooliganism, starting, running and quitting the biggest street movement of a generation, repeated prison spells, joining a think-tank, all before organising a UK branch of the German anti-Islam group, Pegida.

Enemy won’t win any awards for writing, and it’s not full of carefully marshalled academic evidence. The language is rough, which is how Tommy talks. He repeatedly calls the police dickheads and wankers; his MP Gavin Shuker is an “idiot”; Quilliam’s head of communications is a “squealing moron”. It’s refreshing at first but after a while can get a bit difficult to read.

More here. H/T: Gaia

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