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That’s all we need, statists honing their skills from islamonazis…….

“When you start looking at what they actually produce, it is so much more,” he says. “Violence is such a small percentage of the propaganda – it is about belonging, it is familiarity, it is happy children, it is paradise-like environments.”

Give me a break, we’ve all seen this before. Would he dare say the same thing about Nazi propaganda expert, Joseph Goebbels?

Media activism at Malmö: Why we should study Isis

Media activism at Malmö: Why we should study Isis

Lecturer Michael Krona. Photo: Malmö University

Published: 19 Feb 2016 10:45 GMT+01:00

Malmö University’s Michael Krona is on the cutting-edge of research into the world of Isis propaganda. He reveals how genuinely impressive the terrorist organization’s media-wing is, and the surprises he has discovered along the way.

As a senior lecturer, Krona believes the university’s communication programme offers a unique approach that prepares graduates for this fast-paced, evolving field – a field where his finger is firmly on the pulse.

Having previously researched communication during the Arab Spring uprisings, Krona has more recently begun to analyse media activism and what can be achieved with technology – his specialist field within the English-language master’s programmes at Malmö University.

“I was surprised when studying activism as part of the communication field, because basically every contribution was very optimistic and romanticising about the role of technology, with people saying this can save the world,” he remarks.

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