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I have been on countless Finnish buses that pick up students headed for school, never, ever has anything of the sort happened on them. This is coming our way if matters persist as they are.


13-year-old girl molested on school bus

Published at 06:25

Parents in Figeholm react strongly after the children reported being groped on board KLT-bus services.

– It has happened on several afternoons when they are on their way home from school, says Håkan Johansson, who is the parent of a 13 year old girl.

– Our school children stand on the bus. It will be very tight, and when they go out so all stand in the way. Then they break through – and that suits all to take on them.

P4 Kalmar has been in contact with several parents who tell how the children have been harassed in various ways.

– They’re following, watching them and taking pictures of them.

Håkan Johansson tells how a 25-year-old man followed his daughter with a rose and said “I love you” :

– On Thursday and Friday, he followed from her from seat to seat. It was the last straw. Then she ran out of the bus with a classmate.

The police confirmed that one case reported recently – where a 13 year old girl has been groped – but then not on board the bus, but at the Travel Centre in Oskarshamn.

KLT knows the insecurity and has sent out investigators to the buses. On Tuesday they went on the tour, but the girls who had been groped or followed by the individuals, did not go with the bus on time:

– Yesterday there was nothing they had to report, says Karl-Johan Bodell as traffic director at KLT.

Parents now want to have special buses for schoolchildren – but time schedules don’t allow it, according to KLT

– So it does not work. We must be able to have different categories of customers on the same bus.


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