“Campaigners blame overcrowding for a spate of sex attacks on young migrants.”

Are you kidding me? I couldn’t care less how crowded an environment it is, rape, pedophilia, female molestation and a host of other crimes are a result of the people themselves, not the environment that they currently find themselves in. Who are these people trying to kid?

NOTE: And not having a clue about them, these are the people that the fools in power want to unleash upon our societies.

Boy, 10, raped at migrant camp as pervs ‘run wild’

A 10-YEAR-old boy was raped at a crowded migrant centre.

Migrants with duvets and pillowsGETTYSQUALID: Police chased by mob after spate of sex attacks

The attack happened at a squalid asylum hostel where just two staff guard 600 asylum seekers.

Police were chased off by a mob when they tried to remove a second boy’s family for their safety.

The attack happened at the lawless Signalisten Asylum Centre, near Stockholm in Sweden.

Campaigners blame overcrowding for a spate of sex attacks on young migrants.

Swedish flagGETTYRUNNING WILD: Afghan Association chairman says no-one is able to notice criminal activity

“This happens because the asylum centres are overcrowded”

Hussein Asgari

Afghan Association chairman Hussein Asgari said: “I have gotten several phone calls – up to 10 – from children who say they have been raped since they got to Sweden.

“This happens because the asylum centres are overcrowded.

“If you have one or two criminals – or in this case rapists – among 600 immigrants, they can run wild with no-one noticing.”

Migrants campaign in SwedenGETTYLAWLESS: Overcrowding is a problem for asylum centres in Sweden

Officials say the number of violent incidents at asylum facilities more than doubled last year as a record number of migrants arrived in Sweden.

Last week social worker Alexandra Mezher, 22, was allegedly murdered by a teenage Somalian migrant at an asylum centre.

Last night Europol revealed that the EU has lost track of 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children over the last 18 months.

More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson

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