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Enforcing sharia on the streets of Germany…..

It’s here folks, the more islam you have, the more anti-liberal activity you will see. Cause (Islam) and effect (sharia enforced violence). Islam is counterproductive to the health of any society, no one is safe, especially booze selling Kurds, they are intimidated to fall in line by Islamic sharia enforcement vigilante gangs like in the ‘old country’ (where we all wish they would still be).

Youth gang wants to punish kiosk owner because over alcohol sales


Photo: Steffen Pletl  The kiosk in Lipschitzallee Metro Station

Three men in a Neuköllner Kiosk have been attacked by 30 children and adolescents. It was about the sale of alcohol.

The Gropiusstadt in Neukölln is regarded as a social hotspot in the south of Berlin. The Kurdish kiosk owner who runs a snack bar in Lipschitzallee Metro Station gets to feel it on Sunday evening. Not for the first time, he says.

“Whenever there are holidays, the children gather every night from the surrounding residential area and drive to the square at Lipschitzallee Metro Station for mischief”, the 53-year-old says on Monday. The night before, the so-called mischief had escalated.

“First, about 10 to 15 children aged 9 to 12 or 13 years have surfaced here. They have provoked us deliberately and knocked at the back door as well as at the entrance to the snack bar and tried to block the exit,” says the snack operator. Here, the children had thrown stones and caused minor damage to the facade.

The 53-year-old then called the police at 19:30. But when the officers arrived, the children had already disappeared. However, not for long.

An hour later, at 20:30, they came back – with reinforcements. “Suddenly not only children stood facing each other, but a large group of young people aged 14 to 21 years”, says the son of the owner of the snack bar. Out of the group, they were insulted and attacked again. The pretext for this attack, the Muslim youths called loudly at the kiosk operators that alcohol is sold here, and “because of it it must be punished.”

Blow to the back of the head

Then there had been a scuffle, during which the son, Abbekam, received some bruises. His friend, who rushed to his aid, was wearing a bandage on his eyebrow. He himself got a blow to the back of his head and had gone to ground. When he got up again, the crowd had scattered in all directions.

Now the police determined it was suspicion of breach of the peace, the assault and the damaging of property. Whether the motive of the attack was in fact the sale of alcohol, the Berlin police could not confirm, on request on Tuesday morning.

Even if it came to increased attacks during holiday periods, the investigators were unable to confirm it. They’re not ruling out this as a possibility. As a spokeswoman for the Morgenpost said, the attack was not the first incident of this type reported to the police on Sunday evening.


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