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And gleaning from them every bit of intel possible…..

But the irrational Leftist media aren’t having any of it, so they whine and complain until the political establishment jump to their demands.

Danish police taking asylum seekers’ phones

Danish police taking asylum seekers' phones

Police now say they will get the phones back to asylum seekers quicker. Photo: MARKO DJURICA/Scanpix

Published: 16 Feb 2016 13:03 GMT+01:00

Danish police have taken the mobile phones of at least 55 unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in recent months, according to a report from Politiken.

Police officers are taking the phones in an attempt to verify the identity and home country of the asylum seekers, a Danish National Police spokesman confirmed.

“If you come to the country and say that you are from Syria but don’t have anything but your blank expression to prove it, then mobile phones are the best way to ensure that you’re telling the truth or whether all of your calls turn out to be to Ghana,” Richard Østerlund la Cour told Politiken.

He said that all of the minors get their phones back after police have confirmed their identities, but Politiken reported that some minors have been without their phones for months and left unable to contact their family members.

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