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If only we had more European leaders speaking as knowledgeably as the Czech president, who is making all of the arguments against Islam that we have been making for years. This is truly an amazing video worth spreading elsewhere.

H/T & upload (as well as facilitating translation and subtitling): Vlad

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    1. Courtesy of Gates of Vienna


      14:22 And, I am left with the last point,
      14:26 and that is migration.
      14:35 Friends, we have permitted the
      14:39 right wing, at times the extreme right wing, to steal
      14:44 the theme which used to belong
      14:48 historically to social democracy.
      14:52 And that is the theme: the protection of national
      14:56 interests and the defense of European values.
      15:00 And we are putting up the face
      15:05 of peoples who had forgotten
      15:09 their past.
      15:13 And as Santayana said: Those who cannot remember the past
      15:18 are condemned to repeat it.
      15:23 Socialists have always been
      15:27 internationalists, in the sense that they had welcomed
      15:31 migrants from culturally similar regions.
      15:36 Migrants, who managed
      15:40 to adapt, or, if you prefer,
      15:44 to assimilate. In the Czech Republic
      15:48 there is for example a Vietnamese community which
      15:52 assimilated marvelously. Their children
      15:56 are studying at universities; they speak perfect Czech.
      16:00 The Vietnamese are — and now I have committed
      16:05 an insult to my own nation — the Vietnamese are more industrious
      16:09 than the average Czech citizen. Why not admit this, when
      16:14 this is the truth?
      16:18 About 110,000 Ukrainians
      16:22 live here. And they are hard-working, they have overcome
      16:26 the language barrier,
      16:31 they have integrated very well into the [greater] society. The Slovaks
      16:35 I do not count, because I consider them ‘our people’.
      16:39 Thus,
      16:43 we are not xenophobic.
      16:47 5% of the Czech population are foreigners who are integrated
      16:52 into our society. But
      16:56 when it comes to the term ‘migration’ we forget
      17:00 one adjective: and that is
      17:04 ’Islamic migration’.
      17:09 Political correctness, my friends, is
      17:13 synonymous with a lie. If you want
      17:17 for the unspoken truth. Islamic migration
      17:21 is not possible to integrate and is not capable of being
      17:26 assimilated into European culture.
      17:31 Let me give just one and only one example:
      17:35 Social democracy has, for the whole of its history, fought for the
      17:39 rights of women, including the voting rights of women.
      17:43 Islamic migration means
      17:47 a culture in which, [according to] Sura 4
      17:52 of the Koran, a man has the right
      17:56 to beat his wife. Perhaps some men
      18:01 might be intrigued by this notion, but I hope not the majority.
      18:05 Islamic civilization
      18:09 means that women are
      18:13 denied access to education and public
      18:18 office. Islamic civilization means that
      18:22 the testimony of a woman in court has half the value
      18:26 of the testimony of a man, and thus I could go
      18:30 on and on.
      18:35 The only way to solve the migration
      18:39 crisis is to deport
      18:43 the economic migrants and those
      18:48 who preach religious violence, religious
      18:52 hate; in short, those who are preparing
      18:56 terrorist activities. The Swedish Prime Minister,
      19:01 following the murder of a 20-year-old social worker by an Islamic migrant,
      19:05 announced that
      19:09 80,000 migrants would be deported. And you know very well
      19:13 that Sweden once had
      19:18 such liberal migration policies that it was
      19:23 almost suicidal. Luckily,
      19:27 at the last moment, this suicide was avoided.
      19:31 The European Union,
      19:35 and I am its supporter,
      19:40 has failed utterly at solving
      19:44 this migration problem.
      19:49 It was not prepared for it, and when the migration wave
      19:53 came, it spent its time
      19:57 in endless prattle
      20:01 which it nobly called ‘discussions’
      20:06 Boasts that, we ought to
      20:10 welcome the migrants because we have a shortage
      20:15 in our workforce. Well, perhaps they had not read
      20:19 that the average unemployment rate in the European Union is
      20:23 at 11%. But, certainly,
      20:28 an Eritrean cyber-scientist just might
      20:32 significantly improve the quality of the European workforce.
      20:36 So, this argument
      20:40 obviously falls apart, and let’s not lie to ourselves
      20:44 that, among the migrants there are not even jihadis
      20:49 who may create so-called ‘sleeper cells’,
      20:53 preparing terrorist actions similar to
      20:58 those seen recently in Paris.
      21:02 And the last comment on migration — and here I will be repeating
      21:06 what Robert [Fico] said:
      21:10 If the European Union is
      21:15 incapable of defending its outer borders,
      21:19 which is the first and most basic duty of every
      21:24 State, then it has no right to think up
      21:28 nonsensical relocation and quota mechanisms
      21:32 which not only infringe the sovereignty
      21:36 of its member states, but also
      21:41 does not solve the problem, it just moves it off
      21:45 and thus creates a new category of nomads,
      21:49 that is, of migrants crisscrossing
      21:53 the European States, and ending up [in Germany]
      21:57 with an iron-clad-certainty, because there the
      22:02 social benefits are the highest.
      22:06 Angela Merkel once invited Syrians into Germany.
      22:10 Since then, all migrants
      22:15 have become ‘Syrians’. They have false
      22:19 passports, sometimes not even that. If you have seen the movie
      22:24 ”Four Murders Are Enough, Darling!”
      22:28 ”We are all Gogo!” [a quote from the movie, used to convince a gullible landlady that every member of an invading force was one tenant]
      22:33 So, “We are all Syrians!” And now, Germany had problems which
      22:37 it has itself caused through its ill-advised migration policy.
      22:41 So, it’s not sufficient to close
      22:46 one’s own borders. This is a necessary, yet not
      22:50 sufficient pre-condition. It is necessary to deport
      22:54 all those who have come here,
      22:58 not as refugees fleeing civil war,
      23:03 but as economic migrants
      23:07 who don’t even wish to work here, but want to live
      23:11 only and exclusively off of
      23:16 social benefits — which, actually, in our countries is done by
      23:20 by a somewhat different category of people,
      23:24 who are sometimes called unadaptable. And why
      23:29 should we enlarge this category?
      23:33 So, in closing, social democracy
      23:37 ought to protect
      23:42 national interests, it ought to defend the historical
      23:46 roots of not only its own, but also of
      23:50 European culture and [it ought to] realize
      23:55 that this culture is incompatible
      23:59 with the culture of hate towards
      24:04 unbelievers, with the culture based on
      24:08 the subjugation of these unbelievers
      24:12 that would turn them into its slaves. In this, I have quoted one
      24:17 of the holy scriptures — yet not
      24:21 the evangelical [Christian] scripture. After all,
      24:25 in Paris, the murderers did not yell out: “Praise be to Jesus
      24:30 Christ,” but they did yell out “Allahu Akhbar!”

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