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I just heard about this…….

tommy on al-jiz

Here’s to wishing him a speedy recovery and the perp(s) who committed the heinous act be brought to book.

Tommy Robinson, PEGIDA co-founder, found unconscious after weekend attack

News is emerging on Facebook today that Tommy Robinson, co-founder of PEGIDA UK, is in hospital following an attack during a night out in hometown Luton last night (13/02/2016).

It seems Tommy, on a night out with his wife, was found unconscious with head injuries.  He is currently in hospital, but thought to be recovering.

Tommy Robinson attackedThis is not the first time Tommy Robinson has been attacked and he has been hinting more lately than normal that he feels he is in physical danger.  His mistrust of the local police affords him little feeling of protection from authorities.

Tommy’s recent appearance on Arab TV channel Al Jazeera sparked controversy, receiving particular infamy due to a portion being cut by the station.  I did feel that particular appearance could cause him harm, being a very direct form of confrontation and one likely to be well publicised.

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  1. God Bless You and your family Tommy. Jesus promised us that by following him we would be persecuted. Everyone of my Heros are Men and Women of God who stand up for the Truth. As a Christian I can say ISLAM . . . I Shall Love All Muslims; however ISLAM is a Dangerous, Evil Cult in which the Muslims themselves are victims of. ISLAM is Evil and perverse and we Christians must tell it as it is with love in our hearts.
    Here in Hamburg, Germany I am part of a group of Christians Standing for Israel and for the Persecuted Church (Open Doors VOTM etc). I feel honoured to be used by God to help people become informed about our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are being murdered all over the World but especially in Muslim Countries. Like you Tommy they are always in our Prayers.
    Likewise we are trying to inform people about the rise in Anti-Semetism. The Media so often misrepresents events in Israel. God bless The Jewish people and Israel.

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