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20 Lefty miscreants and malcontents arrested…….

I just received a report from someone following what happened in the Netherlands demo:

RW: “I was watching at 5 from Holland yesterday.The pegida demonstration got closed in by the fascist counter demonstrators, the police had to bring the Pegida people to safety with buses provided by the Amsterdam city council. Afterwards there were some interviews one was very interesting with an elderly gentleman from morokko (his name was pinto).He says it’s time people see political correctness is making a mess of things and it’s time to review its value.”

According to a police press release, the device turned out to be a packet of fireworks. Police believe the ‘device’ was planted by counter-protestors to draw police attention and disrupt the protest. DutchNews.nl

Participants of a counter demonstration gather in downtown Dresden, Germany, Saturday Feb. 6, 2016. Police in Dresden say they expect about...

20 anti-Pegida Demonstrators Arrested at Pegida Demonstration in Amsterdam

The anti-Islam organization Pegida arranged a demonstration in Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon, coordinated with demonstrations in London, Dublin and Prague on the same day.  Left-wing protesters mounted a counter-demonstration.  Some of them tried to force their way into the Pegida ranks.

Police arrested 20 people, most of whom from among the counter-protesters.  They were released the next day.  The Pegida demonstration had to be relocated from its original site due to a suspicious explosive device.  Police believe the device was planted by counter-protesters.  Police eventually called a halt to the Pegida demonstration.

FM: BNFTN via DutchNews.nl

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  1. The young man’s sign says “solidarity without limits”. He might have added “solidarity without intelligence”

    1. Typical of the left….supporting Islam. The left supported the “glorious Islamic revolution” in Iran….and were promptly executed by the Islamic leaders of the revolution when they came to power.

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