Free Speech Netherlands


This is a clear example of the state ”being offended” for a group that had not even registered a complaint.

Very much like how Finns MEP, Jussi Halla-aho, was victimized by the Finnish state for daring to challenge a state ombudsman for minorities, by pointing out how the state’s prosecutor’s office uses different criteria in bringing charges against people for so called ”hate crimes”. Unflattering speech leveled at Finns by the Finnish media is ok, while similar speech leveled at minorities, a crime punishable by fines and jail.

4 Responses

  1. So it might offend , well the hijab the Muslims wear offend me so arrest them as well.

  2. Is the whole world going crazy you can’t even wear a hat now
    Because it might offend these baby rapers ….the gov needs to change
    The way they are doing things maybe if a hundred of you did it at the same time,!!! What can the cops do arrest you all?

    1. This is pure state intimidation, anti-democratic, tyranny. we’ve entered a new phase in the battle for the return to classical liberalism.

  3. everything offend those suckers, so why they leave their stuped country, their face cover offend me cuz I can see how ugly they are really are, none to recognize if a woman or man so I’m afraid for my dog.. the gov system had fail to protect their own until it don’t happen to them they don’t care about us.. so if everything is offensive no one should be on the streets starting from those bastards.. n those that are with them , when the system fails you, I got the right to protect me..this is about me my family not offensive stuped crap… by the way where do you get that hat, it’s a nice gift n I have a lot of friends n families that live in coooolllllddd places….lol.. reaywhere do u bought the hat??

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