Paleostinians Palestinian Misuse of Aid


Not another dime!

Just think of all those billions of donor aid money tucked away in foreign banks, under mattresses and squandered by the pali-oligarchy over the past two decades. They could have built a dozen of such-like facilities, and host of other quality-in-human life ventures.

Fatah and Hamas and their wheelbarrows of cash

Palestinians launch fundraiser for first cancer hospital

Organizers say cash-strapped Palestinian Authority can’t afford $250-300m project, which would end need for patients to go abroad

BY AFP February 22, 2016, 9:33 pm

Palestinians on Monday launched a global fundraising campaign aimed at finding the money to build their first specialist oncological hospital, organizers of the drive said.

At a news conference in Ramallah they said that the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority could not meet the cost, estimated at $250-300 million, and PA President Mahmoud Abbas appointed a public committee to mobilize Palestinian donors around the world

More here. H/T: ChanahS.

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  1. “Just give me a ride across the river”, said the scorpion to the frog, “I promise not to sting you.” Of course those of us who weren’t paying attention or entertaining ourselves in the fantasy land of our minds didn’t miss the point of this message. No pennies either.

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