The irony of it all!

The koran is full of bombs without the introduction of any new highly explosive material.


Also, why exactly is US Army Col. Steve Warren calling the koran ”holy”?

Stop with the nonsense.

‘ISIS planting bombs inside copies of Koran’

ISIS flag flying in Ramadi Iraq

ISIS flag flying in Ramadi Iraq. (photo credit:AAMAQ NEWS VIA YOUTUBE / AFP)

The Islamic State has starting planting bombs inside copies of the Koran to continue carrying out terrorist attacks despite losing ground in Iraq and Syria reported, Iranian state media outlet Press TV on Wednesday.

In a press conference at the Foreign Office in London, US Army Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for the coalition against ISIS, explained that the Islamic State is losing ground and has therefore taken to to more desperate methods of carrying out terrorist attacks.

“These guys are disgusting, they have left bombs in refrigerators,… they have put bombs inside the Holy Koran – we found that on several occasions in Ramadi,” said Warren according to the report.

“We believe that Daesh is now beginning to lose. We see them in a defensive crouch,” he added.

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  1. The phrase “holy Koran” uttered from our church’s pulpit drove our family away following decades of membership. When you observe a “leader” doing this kind of gesture, either ignorance or a** kissing is afoot.

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