TT colleage ChanahS. says they were mostly a Sunni populated village.

I said a while back, that once they’ve achieved nuclear weapons status, the big gloves will come off on the domestic front.

All Men of a Village in Sistan and Baluchistan Province Were Hanged, Iranian Authorities Affirm

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Shahindokht Mollaverdi,

ZAHEDAN: Shahindokht Mollaverdi, the vice president of Iran in the cabinet of Hassan Rouhani in the section of Women and Family Affairs, criticized the removal of legislation to support the families of those executed in the Fifth Development Plan and said “as we know all men of a village in Sistan and Baluchistan were executed by Gallows”, the governmental news agency Mehr expressed.

 “What are the responsibilities of law and executive agencies for those women and children who their only shelter had been seized? As we are witnessing, many families whom their provider has been detained have lost their properties as well which was seized by government due to any or all charges and accusations including but not limited to drug deals against the head of household. As an example a family with 3 kids have lost their only shelter of a small apartment while their only provider has been arrested.” She said.

MS. Mollaverdi also added, “at least 17 executive agencies have been funded and are responsible to decrease social tribulations. The question for them is what is their stand and plan to for the families who are facing tribulations brought to them by the wrong doing of head of their households? what is there for the suffering mother and her children, when their only shelter has been seized by the government? The answer is not important at all to the government.”

Ms. Mollaverdi explained; “all the men in a village in Sistan and Balochistan have been executed and now their families are turning into some possible criminals, mainly smuggler because due to no support from the government and lack of basic rights they have no other choice to provide for the family and also some are taking their revenge.”

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