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This is what our so called ”leaders” have unleashed upon our societies.

Whatever your views are on homosexuality, no one deserves to be victimized and brutalized on the streets of our cities.

Asylum seekers in search of gays in Berlin

by Editorial February 8, 2016 0 comments

First there was the German women were subjected to massive sexual abuse of asylum seekers and migrants. Now is the turn of the German gays – an amateur video on YouTube showing the asylum seekers in search of gay men in Berlin.

No one wants to talk openly about the migrations from North Africa and the Middle East have brought with them a culture of death in Europe – where women and homosexuals are the first to be sacrificed. Sexmob in Cologne on New Year’s Eve has attracted everyone’s disgust – now the The gays turn to face the implacable hatred that aggressive young men from North Africa and the Middle East takes the hit.

In recent days, an amateur video on Youtube has spread virally in social media. The film shows the terrifying scenes where asylum seekers from a refugee facility moves in the district Kottbusser Tor in Berlin – in a reckless chase to mistreat gays who are out in the city’s nightlife to entertain themselves just an ordinary Friday night. In the film, asylum seekers with weapons in the hands move through the streets to locate – and attack unsuspecting gay men. No passers dare speak up.

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