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Juha is right, and it’s interesting to see whether the fake media wil try to hang him out to dry for it like they’ve been trying to do with the Finnish NHL ice hockey legend, Teemu Selänne.

Juha Mieto shocked by reports of the victims – ” Tougher sentences should be given for rape” 

Tuesday, 02/02/2016 06:00

Skier legend believes penalties imposed for rape convictions should be stiffened.

- Reports of rape victims was shocking, says Juha mild.

– Stories by rape victims were shocking, says Juha Mieto. (JAAKKO ANDERSEN)

Teemu Selänne’s statements on rape crimes have given rise to heated debate in recent days. Olympic champion, ex-MP Juha Mieto does not want to take a position on the Selänne’s opinion, but notes already as a member of parliament he has taken a tough stance on rape.

– Rape is the worst crime against a human being. I think that in the case of rape, the screws must certainly be tightened and the related penalties to be stiffened, Mieto says.

Mieto tells he has reawakened to the issue, as several women who have been raped contacted him in his capacity as a member of parliament.

– Then in the discussions that are of course confidential, and after the discussions I became fully convinced on how heavy a crime of rape is and how badly it violates the victim inside.

Mieto says that some who have contacted him have been women who were raped decades ago.

– They have borne the matter ever since because it was not been dealt with in due course.

– It can only imagine how serious and traumatic rape is for a woman, when it will not be forgotten after decades either.

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