Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


You mean in Russia and in Turkey?

Most coming to Finland fled their living rooms with money in their pockets given to them by immediate family and relatives who have not left, nor do they intend to, until sonny boy sends for them. We are under no moral obligation to open our doors to Jew haters, if you want to help, tell your government to help fund camps in their region.

Importing people from a region that is at war with you is amazingly stupid, and shows the government’s contempt towards the civil society they’ve sworn to uphold and to protect. We are to be its first priority.

PM Sipilä: Many asylum seekers “have fled conditions we can’t even imagine”

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä took up the asylum seeker theme as he addressed the first official sitting of Parliament following the Christmas break. During his address Sipilä drew attention to the conditions that many asylum seekers left behind to travel to Europe.

Juha Sipilä
Prime Minister Juha Sipilä addresses MPs during the year’s first sitting of Parliament. Image: Yle

Addressing the year’s first session of Parliament, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä tackled the flashpoint theme of asylum seekers in Finland. The PM said that a significant portion of people seeking asylum in Finland have fled from conditions “that we cannot even imagine.”

“They have traveled from the midst of constant insecurity and conflicts lasting years. For these people leaving home has been a choice about whether they live or die,” Sipilä told MPs Tuesday afternoon.

“We have a duty to help these kinds of people,” he added.

The prime minister pointed out that managing the influx of asylum seekers requires effective action in Finland and the EU.

“The asylum process must be expedited and repatriation decisions should be implemented without delay,” Sipilä remarked.

Last week President Sauli Niinistö described the mass movement of people seeking refuge as a threat to European values as he addressed the ceremonial opening of the new parliamentary term.

Sipilä referenced the asylum seeker situation in a statement he made to Parliament, in which he outlined the government’s plans for the year ahead. He said that the government will continue to execute the four-billion-euro austerity package it laid out when it took office.


NOTE: These are amazingly stupid and dangerous people.

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