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They can call it ‘marriage’ but it’s anything but.

You can call a woman a man, or a man a woman solely by the outward appearances (as sketchy as that may be), but genetically, they are what they were born as. Playing along only plays into their delusion.

NOTE: The Left has attacked the institution of marriage because it’s the bulwark of society that they plan on restructuring/re-engineering (like all socialist movements before them, marxism, fascism).  They have to redefine that key institution, and they’ve done so over the past 6 decades, first as being irrelevant, and then as meaning something that it never was, between homosexuals. Multiple male and female ‘unions’ are next.

Parliament approves same-sex marriage legislation


The Finnish parliament has approved changes to the law that will allow same-sex couples to convert their registered partnerships into marriages by notifying the authorities. The move is a follow-up to previous laws that made marriage legislation gender neutral.


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  1. And so the long march to go into the longer dark night through wanton self destruction manages another cab ride eh? Lemmings to the Sea of National/Ethic Suicide defy Laws of Nature with wild and joyful abandon. Trouble is, Laws are Laws for a reason and Nature’s judgements are both unbiased and final. So have fun until Mommy takes your T-bird away…

  2. that means my marriage is no longer valid because the magistrate was lying?

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