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Once in awhile they actually do something right.

Now do the same about mohamed, as well as host of subjects Muslims find detestable.

Marja Hintikka Live nakuilusta talked about today.

Marja Hintikka Live talked about nudity today. (PHOTO: Marja Hintikka Live / Yle )

This is not the first time full nudity has been shown on Finnish TV, countless commercials, usually involving a sauna, but there have been comedy shows as well that stretched the limits.

The situation here is, they invited the go-to-muslim for anything to do with Islam in Finland, Somali, Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, and it’s obvious they didn’t warn him before hand. It was a “When in Rome” attempt by the producers of the state funded show.

Hussein smiled and shrugged it off in an attempt to show he wasn’t bothered by it, that he’s “as Finnish as the next person” he was seated with, but all know that if he had his way, according to sharia law, everyone would be feeling the whip.

Yle shakes things up: Naked male studio guest on Marja Hintikka Live – shows all

(PHOTO: Marja Hintikka Live / Yle )

MARJA HINTIKKA LIVE -The latest section of Marja Hintikka Live dealing with compatibility with children’s sexuality.There is also a studio guest who’s tolerance was tested.

YLE TV2’s Marja Hintikka Live program discussed today children nudity (in Finland it’s not taboo) and sexuality and how these things would be natural for families to deal with. The episode was titled nudity confuses.

In the studio discussing the proposal was media personality, father of four children under ten-years-old Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, and a doctor, as well as a mother of a 10-year-old girl Emilia Vuorisalmi . Vuorisalmi is actor Mikko Leppilampi’s ex-wife.

When the body of the naked man, Ilkka, parked itself next to the interview table, an exchange of views with the words inevitably went a little haywire, red cheeks and laughter was hard to hold back. In particular, “Husu” Hussein lost his thoughts.

– Hello to you too … ah yes I lost my thoughts, Husu laughed.

More here at IS. (in Finnish)

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