Finnish Immigration Concerns Islam in Finland


Every single one of these so called ‘marriages’ should be contested.

Sounds like the Left trying to use any means possible in order to allow these fake refugees to stay. After they convert and get beaten up, perhaps some sense will be let loose.

Asylum seekers get married at breakneck speed with Finns

Saturday 02.20.2016 at 06.28 (updated at 10:30)

According to Marja Huttunen, Emergency accommodation coordinator for Tampere and surrounding municipalities, a portion of asylum seekers from last autumn  have already had time to get married.

Iraq arrived in Finland in the autumn of Mohammed is housed in Orivesi. However, he has already found itself in a new home in Turku. Only the funding of rail tickets is a problem.

Mohammed from Iraq arrived in Finland in the autumn and is housed in Orivesi. However, he has already found himself a new home in Turku. Only the funding of rail tickets is a problem. (TUULA MALI)

Some have changed their fortune by finding a spouse in Finland.

– About 120 asylum-seekers have moved to private accommodations in Tampere. They live either with acquaintances or with women companions, Huttunen says.

Accommodation units introduced last fall, established as emergency accommodations are now being decommissioned at a rapid pace across the Finland.

An apartment building in Orivesi used for asylum seekers is being leveled to the ground and Immigration Service is currently looking for a new location on the property for about 90 asylum seekers to live.

The atmosphere at an emergency accommodation unit in Orivesi is calm. According to the staff, the residents, however, are uncertain about the future. Unrest is expected to increase.

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  1. Good-bye Finns. Your females are opting to choose more dominant alphas as opposed to your run of the mill feminized males perhaps? Your invaders will take them from you by any means necessary. Women are property in their view and they have a supremacist duty to take them and breed you out of existence. Think on this threat amongst all the others. Good-bye Finns.

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