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I report on this to prove two points.


The first being, none of the status quo political parties are taking seriously the threat the EU holds to Finland’s future. The statist regime is corrupt through and through, and no party here seems willing to take it on, or at least state the case to the Finnish people.

Secondly, this underline my point that I’ve made for a very long time, trying to influence political change within a party is virtually impossible, you have to speak the party language, divergence from the party line is a road straight to the periphery, even for a career politician like Paavo Väyrynen.

There is no primary system in Finnish politics, you are stuck with whatever political candidate the party approves of, and they’re not going to approve of anyone that openly wants to buck the status quo in the party. The only way around it is to start your own party and promote it, which is amazingly difficult to do.

Paavo Väyrynen to set up a Civics Party.

MEP Paavo Väyrynen has set up a non-profit association, Citizens’ Party Association’s (Medborgarpartiet rf). “As the name implies, the association will be entered in the Party Register, once the conditions for this are met Citizens’ Party seeks to influence the political life of Finland through both direct democracy and the parliamentary system.”
Väyrynen says in a statement. “For my part, I am a member of Citizens’ Party but firstly a MEP. At sometime , I intend to return to parliament and be a candidate in the 2019 parliamentary elections.” Maaseudun tulevaisuus first reported on Väyrynen’s movement.

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