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So by default, they’re telling their male Muslim students it’s ok to date non-Muslim girls, (because they deem them as trash).

State-funded Danish Muslim school tells girls not to date

The school said students should heed their faith and eschew dating. Stock photo: Iris

State-funded Danish Muslim school tells girls not to date

Published: 22 Feb 2016 11:18 GMT+01:00

The private Muslim school Iqra Privatskole, located in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district, received 18.5 million kroner in state-funded support in 2015. But the school’s outlook on dating may put future funding in jeopardy.

The school’s psychologist told Radio24syv in an interview that the school tells its female pupils not to have boyfriends.

“It is a command from God that one must not enter sexual relationships or dating relationships,” Amina Djondjorova told Radio24syv.

“It is hard to maintain the religious Islamic regulations in a society where they [the school’s students, ed.] see that others around them live in a different way. But nevertheless we try to tell them that it is best to refrain from acting on a crush,” she added.

The psychologist’s remarks led Copenhagen City Council member Lars Aslan Rasmussen to call for the school’s funding to be yanked.

“One should definitely remove support from a school whose psychologists can’t figure out how to be psychologists but instead act like imams,” he told Radio24syv.

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