The EU can’t manage what it’s done to itself already, that horse has long since bolted from the barn.

What he should be saying, is that ”Denmark is now actively pursuing an exit from the failed EU project. The experiment in democratic despotism was all it ever could be, tyranny, it was a gross mistake to partake in it.”

Danish PM: EU can’t handle another year of refugee crisis

Danish PM: EU can’t handle another year of refugee crisis

Refugees and migrants wait on a Greek coastguard on the island of Lesbos, after crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey on Thursday. Photo: ARIS MESSINIS/Scanpix

Published: 19 Feb 2016 15:05 GMT+01:00

As EU leaders met in Brussels to negotiate British Prime Minister David Cameron’s reforms package, Lars Løkke Rasmussen told reporters that Europe has reached its breaking point in the ongoing refugee crisis.

“We need to find solutions that work. Because we cannot handle yet another year with an influx like they one we saw last year. Especially not if the burden continues to be borne by very few countries,” Rasmussen told reporters before Friday’s second day of talks.

Rasmussen and his fellow EU leaders on Thursday agreed to move forward on a German-backed plan for Turkey to stem the flow of migrants setting off from its coast.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the EU-Turkey action plan is now “our priority” and Rasmussen agreed.

“Turkey is sitting with a sort of key. The way the Turks take action will have an impact on how many come,” Rasmussen said, as quoted by the Ritzau news agency.

The EU has promised to give Turkey €3 billion in exchange for efforts to The deal reached with Turkey calls for the nation to strengthen its border controls, tackle people-smugglers and take additional measures to keep more of the millions of refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict from crossing by sea to Europe.

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  1. The EU has many years to go before it permanently erases all ethnic races in its suicidal race to become utterly homogeneous. Already what is the numerically superior new baby boy’s name in many areas? I let my passport expire on purpose for in my lifetime the EU has become a better place to be from than to go to.

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