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The symbol of Islamic fascism is the new norm.

– There is no longer a clear line between Western and Muslim fashion. Styles are mixing and changing rapidly, says Naimo Yusuf. –

This is how it’s done, islamification, done with one student, one home, one street corner at time. Dhimmification proceeds as ”enlightened” thought, ”tolerance” in a free society. In reality it’s the dumbing down of our children, and society, with the mind numbing imposition of an alien ideology.

The hijab is more than a cultural garment, it’s a political symbol of sharia, for no one that dons it, takes the sharia lightly. It’s like the swastika or the hammer and cycle, it’s an outward symbol of the ideology, and those who are wearing it, and calling it a fashion symbol, are lying to you. Sharia is anti- you and I.

H/T: In The Mix: “This is how other journalists treat Islam in our newspapers / Valomerkki website. Then they boost each others, “well done, this one will decrease the threat of islamophobia.”

Muslim women can sometimes have a bad hijab day

Schoolchildren learn about the relationship of Islam to fashion in religions consensus week

A group of sixth graders burst into laughter when Suleqa Yusuf says that she has some bad hijab days , a bit like a bad hair day .

– Then the scarf doesn’t look good no matter how she arranges it she says.

International Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki is having an Islam and fashion workshop. It is part of the celebration this week of international religions and opinions consensus-week program.

In the workshop, myyrmäki’s Uomarinne school girls experimented with colorful scarves and boys with Muslim men outfits. They don’t have any Muslims their class, but some have Muslim friends in school.

Iris Lindmark believes that the scarf on her own head looks beautiful.

– I learned something new today, I got a more widened idea of ​​how to live when a headscarf is used, she says.

The young Somali women Suleqa Yusuf and Naimo Yusuf and Turk, Ece Güler pointed out that among the world’s approximately 1.7 billion Muslims there are a myriad of styles. Religion provides a framework in dress, but the surrounding culture affects it a lot.

– There is no longer a clear line between Western and Muslim fashion. Styles are mixed and changing rapidly, says Naimo Yusuf. –

I don’t use the hijab, because it is not used in my family. I dress quite freely and I also tops and bikinis. ”
– Ece Güler

Hijab is not just a headscarf, but more generally a Koran instructed dress code. according to Suleqa Yusuf and Yusuf Naimo the scarf embodies the belief, but it is also a question of style.

Both favor a relaxed and elegant dress and pick up ideas from the social media. Fashion trends are spreading, especially through popular blogs, and Instagram.

– Last year, the scarves were plenty of volume. Now it is a return to something more simpler, Suleqa Yusuf says.

Islam and fashion workshop is part of the international religions and opinions consensus-week program. Photo: Sirpa Päivinen

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  1. Finnish, or any other European children, should not be taught anything about hijabs or any other ways of islam without their parent´s consent.. These kids are under age and do not understand the brainwash this is about.

  2. this is not burka and hijab land,this is finnish people land and we not use burka or hijab.they should be live life like finnish people or go out to our land.

  3. Will they equally perform a Kippa day (oh Attention Jewish!) or wearing Hare Krishna-clothes in the next ‘lesson’?

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