Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


But it’s one step forward, ten steps back……

With thousands pouring into Finland each month.

Finland deported a record number of foreigners – in light of the Sello mall shooting

The were 279 deportations last year, a third of which were expelled because of crimes committed. Other reasons for expulsion were low income, or divorce.

The Finnish Immigration Service sign.
Police Immigration Service did last year, 380 deportation presentation. Photo: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

The number of deportations rocketed after the Sello 2009 shooting incident. At that time Albanian Ibrahim Skhupolli came to Finland as a refugee and shot up a shopping center killing four Prisma employees.

Shkupolli’s residence permit was extended, even though he had a criminal history .

– Sello events were a great motivation. Since then, expulsions was intended to be enhanced, says the Head of Immigration Unit Section, Olli Koskipirtti,of the Immigration Service.

Sello mall shooting led to the fact that the expulsions of 2009 increased from 80 cases to 216 in 2010.

Since then, the increase has been steady.

About a third of the deportees committed crimes

According to Koskipirtti, of the expulsions, about one-third was for crime.

The rest were expelled due to residence permits not being granted for other reasons. The general reason for it is, for example, that a residence permit applicant does not have sufficient income, or family ties to a Finn has been lost due to divorce.

Police Immigration Service did 380 expulsions last year. It is less than in 2014 and 2013, although the number of deportees was greater.

Thus, more and more of the deportation proposal ends with expulsion.

– Police professionalism has grown here. The proposed expulsions are more informed, so deportation is made more likely, Koskipirtti explains.

Last year, in 279 deportation decision for the implementation is not yet statistics. All have received a deportation decision is thus far has not necessarily been expelled.

sources: The Finnish immigration Service

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