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The (fake) media has been politicized, in large margin. Far too many dance to the tune of the EU, none are really interested in the actual news breaking across the continent. Only in their editorials do they take on some of the happenings, such as the ones addressed in the following article at The Rebel Media, and usually in a very negative way.

NOTE: The treat the islamonazis of Hamas and Hezbollah in far better way than the likes of former Czech leaders who denounce the EU as a tyranny, or oppose Islamization of Europe.

COVER UP: These European leaders oppose Islamification — but media won’t report it


There are many national leaders who clearly state demonstrable truths about the consequences of large numbers of supporters of Islamic doctrine living in Western democracies. But why do so few people ever get to hear what they say outside their own countries?

When Germany’s Angela Merkel makes a pro-Migrant statement, Western media can’t broadcast it fast or favourably enough.

But what about when say, the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, on Feb. 12 2016 made a clear and unambiguous statement about his less politically-correct beliefs and policies on Islamic immigration?

“Islamic immigration is not possible to integrate and is not capable of being assimilated into European culture”

This copy of this English titled video has 280,000 views. Clearly there is interest. But why has it not been played on the CBC or BBC? Or any of the big American networks?

Also the former president of the Czech Republic,Vaclav Klaus – one of the few world leaders with a background in the sciences and a Euro-sceptic, as well as having published a book on why the fiction of anthropogenic global warming is, in fact, a plot with which to attack free market economics and those nations that practice it – recently spoke about the migration crisis in Europe in factual terms.

More here.

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