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These people are freaking idiots……

Did the Allied Powers allow Nazi aligned groups to disseminate their propaganda freely within the West during WWII? This shows the stupidity of the West in not designatíng the real enemy, Islam 101, as the real threat to our civil liberties and survival as a civilization. Their operatives are allowed to freely subvert our society and thwart (or at least impede) any needed action against them.

Government refuses to prohibit Salafist organizations

The cabinet has decided not to prohibit Salafist organizations.  In addition, no new laws will be legislated against intolerance and the preaching of hatred within Salafist currents in the Netherlands.  The ministers oppose such laws, as individual freedom is entrenched in the Dutch state laws.

The cabinet claims that intervention in specific cases may already be carried out through existing laws.  Such cases include preparation or facilitation of terrorist activities including incitement, recruitment, training and conspiracies, specifically incitement to hatred, violence and other forms of discrimination.


Cabinet: no ban on Salafist organizations

The UK 'Hate Imam Haitham al-Haddad takes part in a debate at De Balie in Amsterdam.
The UK ‘Hate Imam Haitham al-Haddad takes part in a debate at De Balie in Amsterdam. © Reuters

The government does not prohibit Salafist organizations. New legislation to intolerance and preaching hatred in tackling Salafist currents, not coming either. The current legal instruments is sufficient.

is is stated in the letter that the ministers Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs) and Art van der Steur (Security and Justice) Thursday night sent to the House. The ministers do not prohibit a religion, ideology or ideas, because “individual freedom is the basis of our constitutional state.” A ban would be called into question. In addition, the government may already occur if the law is violated.

The government ‘maintains’ as much as possible, write the ministers with a reference to two recent judgments. Criminal law is effectively used to prepare or facilitate terrorist activities, such as sedition, recruiting, training and conspiracy, incitement to hatred and violence and other forms of discrimination.

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  1. The Netherlands is committing suicide, soon to be followed by other brainless EU nations.

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