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Just like Saddam Hussein of Iraq did…….

former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, against a backdrop of an oil pipeline at a refinery in Basra, Iraq, 11-17-04
NOTE: The Shiites will always stop their feuds with the Sunnis when it comes to spilling Jewish blood.


Iran Promises to Pay Arab Families for Terror Attacks in Israel

Iran announces it will pay for terror attacks in Israel (now that it’s flush with cash from lifted sanctions.)
Victim's blood on car from terror attack.
Victim’s blood on car from terror attack.
Photo Credit: Tazpit News Agency

Israel knows what Iran is doing with its newfound billions from the lifted sanctions after last July’s nuclear deal with U.S.-led world powers.

Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fathali announced at a Beirut news conference Wednesday that Tehran will pay $7,000 “to every family of a martyr of the intifada in Jerusalem,” Reutersreported.

In addition, Iran will also offer “$30,000 to every family whose home the Occupation (Israel) has demolished for the participation of one of its sons” in the wave of terror, he said.

Unsurprised, Israel’s Foreign Ministry responded in a statement saying the move “demonstrates Iran’s role in encouraging terror. Following the nuclear agreement, Iran continues to be a major player in international terror,” the statement said.

Earlier in the week, IDF and Border Guard Police forces demolished the homes of two terrorists – both from the Hebron area – who between them murdered and wounded 13 Jews and an Arab.

In the past five months, Arab terrorists from the Palestinian Authority have targeted Israelis in 188 stabbings, 75 shootings and 39 vehicular ramming attacks.

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  1. Chalk up yet more real victims courtesy of the Obama administration. The White House is now a full fledged insane asylum run by its chief inmate. My most heartfelt apologies to our friend Israel.

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