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Aalto University’s infamous Jew hating professor, Paavo Kinnunen, not so daring with his antisemitic handiwork any longer, shoves loads of the Jew-hating scribblings down the memory hole after being outed by Aussie Dave @ Israellycool.

This spurred IsraellyCool to publish an entry Tuesday, entitled: “Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Paavo Kinnunen of Aalto University, Finland.”

When The Algemeiner visited Kinnunen’s Facebook page on Thursday, it discovered that many of the posts publicized by the blogger had disappeared.

Finnish Academic Scraps ‘Jew-Hating’ Posts From Facebook After Called out by Pro-Israel Blogger

FEBRUARY 25, 2016 3:30 PM


Post on Kinnunen's Facebook page. Photo: Facebook.

Post on Kinnunen’s Facebook page. Photo: Facebook.

A Finnish academic deleted numerous posts from his Facebook page on Wednesday, after a pro-Israel blogger publicized what he called their “outright Jew hatred,” The Algemeiner has learned.

Paavo Kinnunen, professor of biomedical engineering and computational science at Aalto University in Helsinki, removed the content a day after IsraellyCool published an entry containing numerous screenshots from Kinnunen’s page, which came to its attention when the professor posted the following message on the blog:

Israel is the most fascist ‘nation’ in today’s world, racist, ultrareligious wackos leading it to oblivion. Hitler would be proud of seeing how his ideology was adopted by the zionists…[its] achievements … far exceed everything [Nazi doctor] Mengele succeeded in inventing as means to kill and torture.

The blogger then went to Kinnunen’s Facebook page and found “more of the same, including support of terrorism.”

There were multiple posts supporting and celebrating the violence perpetrated by Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel. There were dozens of anti-Israel posts, including, the blogger observed, “belief in blood libels and conspiracy theories.”

One post, for example, claimed that Sweden’s Jews have nothing to fear from Muslims but only from “Mossad jihadists” committing a terror attack and making it look as if it was done by Islamists. Another post suggested that the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States were organized by Jews, allegedly absent from the Twin Towers on that day.

Kinnunen’s posts frequently accused Israelis of harvesting the organs of Palestinians. In one, he charts the dollar amounts that different organs earn for Israel over images of what appear to be one or two dead Palestinians with long scars on their bodies; in another he posted a report called “Israel Caught Harvesting Palestinian Organs Again” below his comment, “Lucrative ziobusiness …”

Many posts equated Israel and Zionists with Nazis, and characterized Israelis and Jews as having a penchant for blood and violence. “When genocide is on the agenda,” Kunnunen wrote in one, “it is important to kill children … incl. toddlers, pregnant women …”

Others were what the blogger deemed openly antisemitic:

Jews certainly are special, more special than any other group of people. They have established the most racist religion, involving lineage to their God, giving them the promise of land, slaves, property, license to kill all non-Jews. Following these religious items described in their Talmud, which we Goyims are banned from reading, these God chosen wackos have established, by treacherous deception, the most ultrafascist “society” in today’s world …

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    Hitler would be proud,not of the Jews, but of him

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