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H/T: Ingrid Carqvist

Kent Ekeroth interviewed by Ezra Levant

Photo: Roger Sahlström

Photo: Roger Sahlström

SWEDEN On Wednesday Kent Ekeroth (SD) interviewed by Canadian journalist Ezra Levant, who is in Sweden to do a story on Islamization and mass immigration to Sweden and Europe.

Levant told Avpixlat that Sweden is highly interesting in North America and that many are curious about what is going on in this small country in the north.

– According to me Sweden is an extreme liberal and tolerant country and I try to understand me what was going on, said Levant.

He further told that he is very surprised at how easy it is to silence someone in Sweden by the racist stamp in that it criticizes political ideas.

More here at Avpixlat (in Swedish)

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  1. I’m sure this will be a great report when he gets back to Canada and edits all this footage. Looking forward to it!

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