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State suicide.

Problem is, that they are more than willing to export their decisions to everyone else in the miserable EU union. Just like the Swedes who are hollering that they’ve done their share, after saying they’ll take just about anyone who makes it to their shores, the German government is still insisting on doing the same, then force the rest upon the rest of us.

NOTE: These people (and societies in the West) are better off in camps near their homes, not being sprawled around the West with criminal gangs (and the Russian gov) profiteering from it.

Germany ‘could take 3.6m refugees by 2020’

Germany 'could take 3.6m refugees by 2020'

Refugees on the Greece-Macedonia border on Wednesday. Photo: DPA

Published: 25 Feb 2016 08:20 GMT+01:00

German leaders are facing the uncomfortable prospect of cutting budgets despite record tax takes because of the large numbers of refugees arriving in the country.

“Money for other things we might want is simply not there, even if the numbers look different at first sight,” junior finance minister Jens Spahntold the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ).

Other government sources told the Munich-based newspaper that ministers are reckoning with up to 3.6 million refugees living in Germany by 2020.

That’s likely to gobble up all of the record €19.4 billion surplus the government took in last year in taxes – and possibly even mean cuts to budgets elsewhere.

The entire surplus is “by law completely reserved for financing the refugee crisis,” Spahn said.

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  1. then once the family reunification begins, 3.6 million quickly becomes 20 million

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