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Now I know why the Finnish authorities are busy trying to shop Iraqi, Afghani fake refugees around Finland, making them available to the job market. They figure they would be more willing to turn to crime than the already + 200 000 systemically unemployed Finnish population. The answer is not to let them stay inside the country at all, not spreading them throughout the countryside.

NOTE: Besides, they will only end up gravitating to the southern cities of Helsinki and surrounding suburbs, so it’s an effort in futility. SD MP, Kent Ekeroth was in Finland last year warning the Finns not to repeat his country’s errors as well.

Swedish police Chief advises Finns: Do not repeat the mistakes of these immigration

Immigrants are concentrated especially in Malmö exceptionally large number of specific neighborhoods. Sweden started in Malmö, Copenhagen, border checks on trains coming towards the end of last year.
Immigrants are concentrated especially in Malmö exceptionally large number of specific neighborhoods.Sweden started in Malmö, Copenhagen, border checks on trains coming towards the end of last year.(Photo: Antti Hämäläinen )


Director Linda Staaf of the Swedish police says that Sweden is battling immigration-related crime in a wide range of operation. Old errors to blame.

A research study on immigration and security carried out by the Police College on Wednesday, sparked a lively discussion. The study concludes that in order for Finland to avoid the realization of possible threats, one should take into account what has happened in the case of Sweden. If you do not make corrections, things in Finland can proceed in the same way as in your western, next door neighbor.

Sweden has experience of immigration and the problems associated with it for a long time. In immigrant suburbs there have been several clashes between young people and local authorities. Immigrants are concentrated especially in Malmö and in Södertälje in exceptionally large numbers of specific neighborhoods.

– Although I do not know exactly the situation in Finland, In the Swedish police point of view, it’s important to avoid the isolation of immigrants in their own areas, the Swedish Police Research Department of the Operative Department Director Linda Staaf says to the Ilta-Sanomat.

Swedish police issued a harsh report

Swedish police released on February 8, an extensive research on the crime situation. Text of the report is stark. The study shows that Sweden already has 53 sites that are beset by a serious crime. Behind the crime are residents of low socio-economic status. They were led at a rapid rate to serious crime in order to survive.

– We had built in the 1960s, the so-called ‘Million Program’, residential areas isolated from the rest of the community where the immigrants are often placed. The integration of immigrants in Swedish society has failed. It was a mistake. This error should try to be avoided in Finland, Linda Staaf says.

Million Program’s aim of the program was to resolve the Swedish 1960’s housing shortage by building in ten years, one million new homes. – Major problems have been in these areas.

There is a low level of education and unemployment is at high levels. Such concentrations should be avoided in Finland, Staaf says.

More here at IS (in Finnish)

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