Epic Fail Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


A total boondoggle, a flimflam of the Finnish people, their society will never be the same again.

Going more into debt to pay for the rehabilitation of people from all over the ME, who will never be the ”work force” politicians blather on about, who will not only maintain, but build the Finnish welfare state.

NOTE: And there are many more filing into the country every day. These ”leaders” are pure bonkers.

This is how asylum seekers are  going to be integrated in Finland

 Minister Jari Lindström (ps) press conference on the integration of immigrants.

The integration of immigrants will be long and difficult and probably A very expensive chore.

– Sure, the level of their training is clearly weaker than what was previously assumed in the public eye. It suggests that integration is more difficult and a longer path. For many, it will be a time for starting from the beginning, if there are no literacy and writing skills even in their own native language.

Thus commented, Sakari Puisto, Special Adviser to the Minister of Justice and Labour, Jari Lindström, (ps)  on the views of integration to the Ilta-Sanomat on Wednesday morning.

– When basic education, vocational training, and Finnish society rules and learning of culture is added to it, it’s quite a challenge, especially when the amounts are large and the economic situation is poor, Puisto added.

How much of the asylum seekers are illiterate? – Approximately 20 per cent, difficult to say just exactly.

What kind of professions are represented? – traditional occupations, taxi drivers, cooks, Barbers. There are somea highly educated, but their number is small in proportion.

More at IS (in Finnish)

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