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Any Leftist who thumps their chest for women’s rights and says that they’re against Jew hatred, yet insist upon importing millions of Muslims into the West, are bald faced liars.

With a rape culture thoroughly invested in their own Islamic countries, the West seems intent on the importation of muslims from the 3rd world, thereby totally trashing the gains made by women over the past 100 yrs.

The same can be said about European resolve concerning Jew hatred. They weep crocodile tears on Holocaust memorial day, but then insist on importing Jew haters by the ten of millions.

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‘Cultural Cringe’: Women Are The First Victims Of State-Sponsored Multiculturalism

Mayors have varying degrees of power and influence. But one thing they have in common is a unique position from which they can – and should – speak for and to the people of their cities.

This power might be a purely cultural one, but it is hugely important.

So on this basis alone, the response last week of Cologne’s mayor Henriette Reker to the mass attacks on women which took place on New Year’s Eve and which were then covered up by a dutiful police force and media, was utterly shameful.

Reker put the onus on the city’s women, talking of a ‘code of conduct’ which they should perhaps adopt. By putting political dogma before the safety of citizens, Reker took ‘cultural cringe’ to a whole new level.

If she had any self-awareness, she would be considering her position.

The fact that she felt she could say what she did – that it presumably didn’t occur to her that a more robust defence of her city’s values might be more in keeping – speaks volumes.

Europe’s elites are characterised by cultural self-loathing, combined with a heavy dose of cowardice.

Of course Britain has experienced something similar but different, in the systematic rape and sexual assault of young girls in Rotherham. The multicultural boat could not be rocked, so there was appalling police inaction and cover-up.

Now, across Europe, each day brings new revelations of attacks on women – most recently in Sweden, as reported here by Breitbart London – which have been effectively tolerated and then covered up by the authorities.

The public’s profound unease is completely understandable, as is their consequent diminishing trust in the media.  

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