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In part, I agree, all should be equal under the law, and perps should face the highest penalty allowed for such egregious criminal behavior.

“Men rape. Swedish men rape. Non-European men rape. The whole thing feels very undemocratic and gloomy. In short, the bottom line is: the police did the wrong thing. The focus should obviously be on men’s behaviour towards women in general,” wrote Larsson.

However, we do need to look at how certain cultures and ideologies (religious and otherwise) view rape and other general sexual misconduct, in order to ascertain the threat they pose as a group. We already deem (and rightly so) adherents to neo-nazism and marxism as dangers to society, singular agents or in groups, so to with people coming from classical Islamic states and cultures.

NOTE: The singer is but 18 yrs old, it’s a good possibility that she hasn’t thought these things through, as well as being indoctrinated in Swedicide mentality.

Swedish teen pop star blogs ‘a swine is a swine’

Swedish teen pop star blogs 'a swine is a swine'

Swedish artist Zara Larsson performing at the We are Sthlm festival. Photo: Alexander Tillheden/We are Sthlm

Published: 12 Jan 2016 16:11 GMT+01:00

The 18-year-old pop singer who headlined Stockholm’s We Are Sthlm festival last summer turned to her blog to address media reports of a string of sex attacks at the music event.

Swedish police are accused of having withheld information about the alleged assaults – the majority of which were committed by teenagers of non-Swedish background, according to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper – out of fear of stirring anti-immigration tensions.

“I think it is completely irrelevant. Assault is assault. Rape is rape. A swine is a swine, no matter their background,” Larsson wrote in a blog post which went viral on Tuesday.

The free We are Sthlm festival is put on every year for 12 to 17-year-olds and is held in various locations in the city centre, including Kungsträdgården, a large park in central Stockholm.

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