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What we do know is that she would be very much alive today, if not for muslim migrants being let into the country.

woman stabbed to death in swedish reception center

Youth reception center employee was stabbed to death in Sweden

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A 22-year-old woman working in a reception center for unaccompanied minors was stabbed to death in Sweden.

The woman was stabbed in the back in a dormitory in Mölndal, near Gothenburg. The suspect has been apprehended. He is a dorm resident. The seriously injured woman was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where she died of her injuries at noon, says the Aftonbladet.

– One person has died of her injuries, and his family has been informed, says police spokesman Christer Fuxborg to Expressen.

The incident took place in Mölndal HVB dormitory, where refugee children are exclusively located, teenagers, 14-17 years of age . According to the police is not yet clear how the events have proceeded.

– We met a man armed with a knife. Two other people were holding him down until the police arrive at the scene, told Fuxborg Monday morning. Police are investigating it as murder, or alternatively an act of manslaughter.

One person was apprehended in the building. Police have brought seven people in for questioning.


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  1. The police has arrested the “youth ” for the brutal crime after first claiming that it was an accident ( people always get stabbed in the back by accident !)
    Any way they arrested this 15 year old, and I’m just wondering whether he is like a lot of the ” fifteen year old youths ” that apply for asylum ,you know the crags under the eyes, the wrinkles, the greying hair, double chin.
    Well I’m sure the authorities have rushed in to give the perpetrator trauma counselling, issued and apology and advised him of his right to sue the Government.

  2. Is not the fundamental duty of a sovereign state to secure the safety and protection of its citizens?

    Yet we are seeing the mass movement of illegal immigrants who will receive little if any vetting as they arrive in huge numbers into European states.

    This is the ultimate betrayal of European citizens perpetrated by the EU in willing collaboration with statist politicians who brought this dysfunctional entity into existence in the first place.

  3. Je Suis Charles Martel, enough said… We Wait, We Watch and We Are NOT STUPID!

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