Islam Debate


jack in the kaaba

As a classical liberal, I have had from time to time others question my credentials due to my insistence on the need to ban Muslim migration to the West. To them, “such a hardened position” betrays the very essence of classical liberalism.

However, here is an important point.

The West didn’t allow full throated Marxists open immigration during the Cold War, just those who rejected it (we called them Soviet dissidents) and managed to escape their tormentors. These dissidents could be regularly counted on to publicly diss their former holders and their governing system.

Why is it such a difficult concept to convey now, that Muslims should be treated in the exact same way, with only apostates being allowed entry. Sure, we always had a homegrown variety etc, but they were always a marginalized voice, but not any more, the new totalitarians have a formidable base within the West (CAIR), and to a great degree, have infiltrated governing institutions.

We need to handle Islam like we did Marxism during the Cold War, because we are indeed at war with Islam, whether you believe so or not, and on all fronts.

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