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10 tips how to counter Islam

10 tips how to counter Islam


10 tips how to counter Islam
By: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist
1) Fight, stop and roll back all types of Sharia
Islamic law, Sharia, is opposed to secular, democratic laws and humanistic values. It is not only discriminatory towards Muslim women, it demands Muslims to actively oppose democracy, and to fight, enslave and kill non-Muslims. By allowing Sharia into our societies, no matter in how small quantities, we are giving breathing air to a system that ultimately aims at our destruction. It also sends a welcoming signal to Islamic fundamentalists, that they can come and live without having to assimilate to our societies and values. It sends a signal to both Muslims and non-Muslims that democratic, humanistic values are worth less than the foreign and medieval, religious laws of a brutal religion.
Examples of Sharia:
  • Halal, Muslims-only prayer rooms, Islamic holidays and traditions in public institutions.
  • Islamic face-coverings (burqas and niqab) in public areas.
  • Islamic veils as part of public uniforms.
  • Dominating Islamic architecture in our cities.

What is Islamization?

2) Stop the mosques
Mosques spread a literal interpretation of the Islamic scriptures. They refuse to distance themselves to the criminal aspects of the Quran and Muhammed. Instead, they preach these as divine truths. Thus, mosques functions as rally points for Islamic fundamentalists and exercises social pressure on more moderate Muslims to adhere more strongly to the Sharia.

We must demand that mosques actively and consequently condemn the passages of the Islamic scriptures that call for – or even order – criminal behaviour. In most countries this can be done with reference to constitutional laws banning religions or organisations spreading a message of violence or public disorder.
We also must spread knowledge about the books that Mosques, Imams and Islamic organisations preach as divine truths every Friday in the middle of our vulnerable, democratic societies.

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