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Don’t worry statists and neo-statists, he’s not serious, he’s just concerned over his congressional seat that’s being called into question. Primaries are a serious threat to RINO’s.

Paul Ryan’s 2016 plans start with Obamacare repeal vote

Rebellion over Ryan?

Rebellion over Ryan? 00:48

Story highlights

  • House to vote on Obamacare; President Obama has pledged to veto bill
  • Speaker Paul Ryan wants to use the House to draw contrasts with Democrats

Washington (CNN)House Speaker Paul Ryan kicks off the new year with an old Republican priority: repealing Obamacare.

With the presidential campaign kicking into high gear, Ryan has said his 2016 plan is largely about drawing a contrast with Democrats and delivering a blueprint for the eventual Republican nominee to pick up and use as a platform once the party coalesces around a candidate later this year.

It starts with the vote Wednesday giving the Republicans a chance to do something they’ve been attempting for five years: getting a bill that rolls back key parts of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law to his desk.

Obama has already pledged to veto the bill, and the GOP doesn’t have the votes to override a veto. But the vote is a two-fer for the Republican base — the bill also would strip taxpayer money for Planned Parenthood, something the GOP was unable to get through as part of the spending bill approved shortly before the holidays.

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