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So we’re to accept his cognitive dissonance at the expense of our reason.

danny and maajid

This is the reason why I cannot take seriously, anymore, anyone calling for a reform of Islam. It’s that they posit a fallacy by false dichotomy in place of reasoned rational thinking. It’s the ”numbers thing”, not the danger Islam actually poses to civilizational existence. If Islam numbered to a 50 000 to 150 000 sect, the discourse on what to do with the violent/intolerant sect would be a different one

My buddy Andrew Bostom observes:

This is the crux of their dishonest and IDIOTIC “discourse”…So if one isn’t satisfied with their dishonest tinkering with an inherently pathological political ideology in the guise of a religion, one is “unrealistic”

Also see this:

Jordanian bastion of moderate Islam, which puts out “Muslim 500” // on “Islamic modernism/reform”

Jordan: Bastion of moderate Islam, which puts out “Muslim 500” on “Islamic modernism/reform” //

“Islamic modernism is a reform movement started by politically-minded urbanites with scant knowledge of traditional Islam. These people had witnessed and studied Western technology and socio-political ideas, and realized that the Islamic world was being left behind technologically by the West and had become too weak to stand up to it. They blamed this weakness on what they saw as ‘traditional Islam,’ which they thought held them back and was not ‘progressive’ enough. They [appropriately] thus called for a complete overhaul of Islam, including—or rather in particular—Islamic law (sharia) and doctrine (aqida). Islamic modernism remains popularly an object of derision and ridicule, and is scorned by traditional Muslims and fundamentalists alike.”

[Note: On p. 13, the reader is told, “Traditional Muslims” represent 96% of the world’s Muslims, “Fundamentalists” 3%, and “Modernists” 1% //

Here are the top 3 aims of the org which puts out the “Muslim 500” //,

The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Amman, Jordan (R.I.S.S.C.) (F. 1427 A.H.; 2007 CE)

1) The primary goal of The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre (“the Centre”) is to protect, preserve and propagate traditional, orthodox, ‘moderate’ Islam as defined by the international Islamic Consensus on the ‘Three Points of the Amman Message’ arrived at over the years 2005-2006.
2) The Centre will aim to spread knowledge of the ‘Amman Message’ of November 2004 and the principles it contains in so far as these best represent traditional, orthodox, ‘moderate’ Islam.
3) The Centre will aim to establish, propagate and publicize the religious and legal positions of traditional, orthodox, ‘moderate’ Islam on key issues relevant to life in the modern world.

NOTE: So they (the supporters of Islamic reform) are the irrelevant 1 percenters according to the world’s Muslim authorities and masses of Muslims

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