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If not for feckless (and highly dangerous) political leadership, we would not be facing a need to augment the police force in order to properly protect our society. 

Further north in Finland, police have reacted with concern to the emergence of anti-migration vigilante groups patrolling city streets, watching out for trouble and so-called “Islamist intruders”. The so-called ‘Soldiers of Odin’ group claim to be acting scouts for the police, calling in officers if they witness any crimes being committed, augmenting  the work of the regular force which finds itself severely overstretched.

Despite their apparently good intentions, Finnish police have taken an equally dim view of the groups as German forces, stating in a press release: “As a matter of principle, police are responsible for law and order in the country”. Yet the Finnish force is not yet pursuing the group, admitting if they don’t stray outside of their intended purpose no laws have been broken.

Stay within the law, or disband.

Police Crack Down As 13,000-Strong Anti-Rape Vigilante Groups Emerge Accross Europe

Europeans are organising into self-defence groups in reaction to the failure of their own governments to protect them from migrant invaders, with one group boasting 13,000 supporters alone.

Founded last week and reported on at the time by Breitbart London, the ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ group which proclaims “one for all, and all for one” and has already gone on patrols and has grown to 13,000 supporters in eight days. It is just one of a growing number of so-called vigilante groups emerging across Germany and other European nations who patrol streets or dispense spontaneous justice in place of the regular police.

Similar to the Dusseldorf group is the new ‘Kassel is Watching’ group, founded in the central German city this week. Already enjoying over 2,000 supporters, the patrols are organised through instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ and Facebook. The mobile phone messenger allows crimes to be quickly reported to the group by members of the public and for volunteers to instantly receive updates and the locations of flashpoints.

Other ‘watching’ groups apparently organised along similar lines and vowing to go out on foot and in cars on patrols have also been established in the PEGIDA home-state of Saxony, the city of Brunswick, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, among others.

While police have failed to make any sizeable number of arrests following the new year’s eve sex attacks, they have acted with commendable efficiency in arresting those opposing migrant rape gangs, including the ‘Hero of Cologne’ Ivan Jurevic. Standing at seven feet tall and enjoying a catalogue of world body building championship titles the former special forces soldier became a minor internet celebrity after uploading his account of “beating up” migrants who tried to molest girls, as reported by Breitbart London.

Telling of his astonishment at the behaviour of the immigrant attackers and saying “I always thought this stuff would be some sort of right wing propaganda. But it was real!”, Mr. Jurevic was arrested this weekend after he decided to put his unique skills to use and joined a vigilante patrol, reports the Daily Mail.

Hoping to discourage others from trying their luck, police have also issued warnings to would-be vigilantes that law enforcement is a game best left to the professionals.

In response to the Kassel group a spokesman for the regional police was moved to remark: “To protect the citizens is the sole responsibility of the state. The police are responsible for public safety. This task they will continue to fulfil in the normal way”.

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  1. Not enough police to protect the women but plenty to arrest Pegida folks

    1. Therein lies the entirety of the mindset arrayed against us. It’s not about protecting us, but forcing us to follow them down the path towards ultimate destruction.

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