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Thou shalt not counter the official narrative or risk naming and shaming by the cultural elite

Just this past Dec (2015), the entire country stood up in honor in a retirement ceremony for the favored star hockey player, Teemu Selänne. They retired his national team jersey number.

That was then, and this is now. He’s being attacked by the (self anointed) cultural elite for daring to question charges of “racism” in a tweet on immigration policy surrounding an article that denounced the rape wave happening in Finland by a sport/media expert, Aleksi Valavuori.

Trans: Otherwise, @ AWennstrm @ MiiaNahkuri where in @ Valavuori writing is racism ?!

There has been an avalanche on twitter, How do we stop the raping?

The fuss over Teemu Selänne’s immigration tweet 

Finnish Ice Hockey Association froze Teemu ridge number in the national team on December 30th, in connection with the Junior World Championships.

Finnish Ice Hockey Association retired Teemu Selänne’s number in the national team on December 30th, in connection with the Junior World Championships.

Ex-hockey player Teemu Selanne shared on his Twitter account a position on immigration policy.

Selanne shared on Tuesday evening on his Twitter account the text of sport and multi-media expert Aleksi Valavuori, in which he dealt critically with Finnish immigration policy. Valavuori took a position in the text, on the mass rape, and called the raising of the hands by politicians driving the current refugee and asylum policy as an error

Valavuori’s text started a lively discussion, which the hockey site editor of, Antti Wennström participated in. He described Valavuori posts as populistic and contained racist tones and asked whether Selanne is a critic of the Geneva Convention?

In reply Selanne wondered where in Valavuori’s text was racism.

Former Sports Minister, Paavo Arhinmäki (TT: Hack communist malcontent) participated in the discussion. He noted that he has not met anyone who accepts the crimes made ​​by asylum seekers and deems it disgusting that on the basis of unacceptable crimes to blame all asylum seekers.

Teemu Selänne’s official Twitter account has 101 000 followers. In the past, Selanne has released a Tweet mostly on ice hockey, but also on his restaurant, and also a range of tweets dealing with new a TV-series.

More here in Finnish at H.S.

NOTE: It’s a straw man argument by the commie former ”minister of sports” (yes we actually have one of those, Lol). No one is saying that ALL muslim migrants are to blame, but that without the flood of their numbers, we would not be having these rapes. There is no way to properly screen these asylum applicants (2/3 of which are already officially deemed as frauds), as well as the extreme social differences that are present, which can be attested to by various local government giving these migrants the do’s and don’ts in civil society.

The Geneva Conventions do not allow for fake, fraudulent economic tourists/colonizers free entry to any country of their choosing, and even real refugees are expected to stay in the first country they reach and seek asylum there, not shopping around for the best deal.

If these are the best arguments that they can come up with, we should be carrying the day in the debate.


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