Finnish Immigration Concerns Islam in Finland Swimming Halls


Somehow, in some way, this kind of anti-social behavior is sprouting up all over Europe…….I wonder why?

It’s not that all are behaving that way, but quite a few of them are.

“Jumping, screaming and throwing water on the stove” – ​​Regular Visitors fear that the indoor pool will become the Middle East

According to the Eastern Central swimming hall boss, asylum seekers are really kind. They’re bringing harm to already well integrated migrants.

Some of the Eastern Central (TT: Itäkeskus) swimming pool fitness swimmers in Helsinki strongly criticized the behavior of immigrants. According to critics, the swimming pool has been conquered by Arabs, Afghans and Somali gangs.

According to a person belonging the group of exercise swimmers who are constant visitors, they are leaving the Eastern Central hall because a “Finnish-speaking man who takes off his swim suits is alone in the sauna with 11 swimming pants sheathed Middle Eastern men who do not take a shower,and singing in the sauna together, shouting and and are noisy, throwing a half a bucket of water on the stove and then slink away” .

The regular visitor does not want to divulge his name.

The Eastern Central swimming pool facility manager, Teemu Raatikainen, says that this is a rough generalization.

“These new asylum seekers are a very sweet bunch of people and we’ve not had any problems with them. If they do not carry swimwear or towels, they are buying or renting them at the check out with cash and do not bargain. They don’t know the language, but after guidance they have thanked the staff in a friendly way. “


Behind the complaints according to Raatikainen is that often those who regularly use the hall for swimmers are accustomed to the fact of enjoying a swim at their leisure.

The change has been great. At the Eastern Central, and Vuosaari indoor swimming pools, about half of the visitors are of foreign origin.

“It is true that they wear swimwear in the sauna and do not always take a shower, but we can not help it. We can not put sauna police in the hall, “Raatikainen explains.

Cross words has arisen because of different cultural backgrounds. For example, for people coming from Arab countries it is often impossible to use the sauna without bathing suits. Some Finns find it hard to understand the issue. Immigrants have been picked upon and in the Vuosaari district after a scuffle even resorted to fist fights.

More here. H/T: Jukka Ketonen

2 Responses

  1. I don’t know how Finnish people are going to remain living in that nightmare.

  2. For these illegal immigrants the idea of learning how to behave according to the customs and conventions of the host country would never cross their minds.

    They behave according to their natural inclinations and do not give a thought to Finnish conventions.

    The fundamental problem is the reflex response of appeasement that is invariably underpinned by the fear of what these people might do in reaction to any objection to their behavior.

    Tragically appeasement does not work and never will.

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