It’s how they thank the Christians for allowing them shelter.


H/T: Vlad

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  1. France and Belgium are in a terrible situation. Islam sees the absense of Christianity or any spiritual presence, and the encouragement from authority as allah ordained, and as a vacant place to occupy.

    So here we are. France now has to station the military to guard church services over Christmas. In some cases Muslims soldiers were guarding churches.

    The media and authorities were over the moon with the above news. What they didn’t realise is that France has become like other “liberal” Islamic countries, where the state guards churches at Christmas or Easter, and other protected religious minorities, as part of the Dhimma pact. What has escaped the French inteligentsia, is that they have unwittingly submitted to Islam, and become dhimmis. Rest assured, the Dhimma bill will be delivered to France at an opportune time.

    1. You’re absolutely right DP111. The danger is also that this kind of behaviour will be normalized, an accepted understanding of how they act. Just look at the muslims on twitter in the not in my name campaign, I’d rather be getting my hair done than join the IS” ect…. its a passive form of rejection, not a full in your face ”you’re subhumans for burning people alive etc….they really do rationalize that isalm 101’ers (post-hijra muslims) are expected to act in a certain way and the best way is to avoid them. That’s why the silent majority will always constitute a threat, they can’t be trusted to counter these neanderthals (above all, they can’t do it from scripture).

  2. Deport all the racists back to their Apartheid states in the Middle East!

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