Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Sounds like Finland has a problem with foreigners in general…….

Police announce crime statistics for asylum seekers – 47 suspected of sexual offenses – IL-TV

Poliisiylijohtaja Seppo Kolehmainen.

Friday 29.1.2016 at 09.13 (updated at 10.21)

Foreigners suspected of rape offenses increased last year from the previous year from 180 to 240, says the National Police Board.

According to Police Director General Seppo Kolehmainen, the growth in the number of asylum seekers can hardly be seen in the crime statistics, instead, in the quantity of emergency responses, to an extent. There has been a lot of emergency responses at reception centers.

Foreigners suspected of assaults rose from 3200 to 4000.

An especially a lot of debate has been raised over asylum-seekers suspected of sexual offenses. Last year, 22 asylum-seekers were suspected of sexual harassment, 13 of rape and 12 of aggravated rape and two of forcing a sexual act.

All foreigners suspected of rape offenses increased last year from the previous year, from 180 to 240.

According to Police Inspector, Tommi Reen, when taking into account the proportion of asylum seekers in sexual offenses to all sexual offenses,  it’s reasonably small.

–  Asylum seekers should not be made to feel guilty nor should they be labeled, Kolehmainen stressed.

Attacks against reception centers were 17 , some of which firebomb attacks were carried out.

There arrived in Finland last year, 33 000 asylum seekers, the year before the applicants were no more than 3,500.

Among the applicants have  must fighters from regions in conflict, and the police have had to investigate very demanding war crimes and terrorist offenses.

-Of these very brutal acts we have received information from reception centers and the NBI will investigate these. Of course it is worth considering whether Finland is the right place to investigate these crimes. There are more than 10 of these cases, said Kolehmainen.

According to Kolehmainen, the security situation is under control at the moment, but it has to be exactly followed in what direction it changes.

IL H/T: Jussi K. Niemelä


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