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Like I’ve been saying, officially, 2/3 of these muslim settlers are frauds, and the jury is still out IMO on the remaining 1/3.


Finland plans to expel 20,000

VK Published today at 18:08

The Finnish authorities estimate that almost 20 000 of the 32 000 asylum seekers who arrived last year will be refused and deported, reported several media.

– 20,000 is the estimate we are working with now, but the number of asylum seekers who return voluntarily can change that, says Päivi Nerg, Permanent Secretary at the Interior Ministry, told Reuters.

She says that the authorities plan to set up various transit centers for those deported and those who leave the country voluntarily.

Of the more than 160,000 who sought asylum in Sweden last year is expected to more than 60 000 for rejection.

H/T: Snaphanen

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  1. If they were real refugees then they would be happy to join the Finnish army and fight ISIS.

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