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He’s projecting….

scene from a muslim slave market of white women2 otto pilny

In the real world we all know that Islam is the only pseudo-religion ideology that condones the selling of human flesh and forcibly converting those who remain alive.

WATCH – Gaza Journalist: Israel Buys Slave Girls on IS Market, Converts Them to Judaism

TEL AVIV – A Gaza journalist said that Israel buys slave girls from the Islamic State and converts them to Judaism, MEMRI reported. Watch the video report here.

In an interview with the Turkish TRT Arabic TV channel, Tawfiq Abu Shomar said that Israel brings over “large numbers” of Yazidis from Iraq and converts them.

The journalist’s claim that Israel seeks to expand its population by any means possible even extends to leveraging natural disasters as a way of attracting refugees.

“It uses natural circumstances, even earthquakes,” claimed Abu Shomar. “During the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Israel brought over a large number of Haitians and had them converted to Judaism.”

In the wake of the devastating earthquake, Israel’s team of 220 doctors, rescue and relief professionals were first on the ground in Haiti, setting up field hospitals and rescue operations. There is no evidence to suggest that Haitian refugees were brought back to Israel.

More here.

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