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Stefan of Helsinki is the Tundra Tabloids’ correspondent working in the asylum center industry, who shed light last year on just how these fraud refugees are coming to Finland, who their handlers are, how much money being paid, criminal organizations involved as well as industry workers scamming the system to help them stay.

All of Stefan’s claims have been verified in countless media reports since that time. This is all pure fraud and the Finnish taxpayer is paying for it through the nose and losing his country in the process. Here is Stefan’s latest concerning the flow of Afghanis and Iranians over the northern border with Russia.

….people from Iran and Afghanistan (all non-refugees by definition) are now getting Russian visas and go to Moscow. There they have to buy Russian cars and drive to the Finnish border and they can cross it without any problems!!

I have been extremely busy with my work and I must say the news of what I usually see and hear amongst the asylum seekers has become so repetitive and redundant that you guys already know all that there is to know.

But today I came across an Afghan lady who told me that she came via Russia. Of course we all know that since summer, some people were coming here via the “arctic route”. But my conversation with this afghan woman brought something new to my attention. She said that people from Iran and Afghanistan (all non-refugees by definition) are now getting Russian visas and go to Moscow. There they have to buy Russian cars and drive to the Finnish border and they can cross it without any problems!!

She told me that her car (which she purchased for 25000 €) broke down about a kilometre away from the Finnish border. She said that then she decided to take her three kids and walk the rest of the way across the border, but the FINNISH BORDER CONTROL told her that unless she is crossing the border by a car they cannot let her pass the border. So she should go back, find a way to fix the car and then if she comes back in her car the Finnish border control has made an agreement with the Russian government to accept all of the “refugees” who would want to cross their border BY CAR, provided that they are not Russian citizens!!!! So she went back and got help to fix her car and then she crossed the border with no problem while driving!

This is really bizarre! Now it is easy to heap scorn on the Russians (a tendency that exists in Europe in spades!!) But the question I want to ask is why the Finnish government  has made such a bizarre agreement with the Russians?! Even if the Russians try to send them this side via their border why should Finnish border control allow it?! All of us heard the excuses in the summer about why the Finnish border control cannot effectively close the border with Sweden, because that border had been open for decades and that they didn’t have enough personnel to man the border, blah blah blah. OK! Fine! But the Russian border is an EU border and has been manned very effectively and seriously since WWII! I have crossed that borer several times when I was studying in Russia and I remember how strict and scary it was! Several border checks on the Russian side and then several border checks on the Finnish side and if all of your papers were not in perfect order back they sent you! No excuses were accepted!

What has now suddenly happened that this border control has loosened to such a degree! Even if the Russian side would have wanted it this way, it could never have succeeded if they went about doing it unilaterally. It seems to me that they have the full cooperation from the Finnish border officials. What the hell is going on in this country!?!  The Russian border is an EU border! Now Fins are becoming like the Greek and the Italians?

In addition this Afghan client of mine told me that she first went to Norway after crossing the Russian border and passing through Finland. But then because some of her Russian visa was still in effect she was deported back to Moscow by the Norwegian immigration. But she had to buy another car and come back through the Finnish border. This time she had no problem and has been finger-printer and registered for asylum here. So two times she crossed the Finnish Russian border with a car and after that she was set loose on the EU countries! Now Finland too is betraying the EU’s external borders. I feel much more noise should be made about this in the Media.

By the way, as a digression, this Afghan lady told me that in Norway, prior to being deported she was getting about 500€ (5000 Norwegian kr) each month and they even apologised to her for the sum being too small!! She was quite annoyed at the fact that in Finland the monthly money is no more than 90€ for her and 50€ for her children which is about 240€! It seems that she had to go through a lifestyle adjustment after moving to Finland from Norway! She now wants to leave Finland and go to Germany. Because apparently there they give houses to asylum seekers very quickly even before their case is proven! (poor Germans! My heart goes out to them!)

I hope this info helps. Other than that I just want to say that these days, day in and day out, I see how violent and brutal, ungrateful and clueless of the sacrifice that is being made for them by the Europeans, these guys truly are! They constantly complain that the services are bad, that they are not being loved and adored and pampered enough and are very bitter towards the people who have volunteered to help them. Very rude and uncouth people! They are the very bottom of the barrel, even by Middle Eastern standards! We should not rest until every single one of them is removed from our midst!

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