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Breitbart reporter, Raheem Kassam, has an excellent take on yesterday’s disgraceful debate in the British parliament on whether to ban Donald Trump entry into the UK or not. 

When Nigel Farage talked about a fifth column in the United Kingdom, he was hung out to dry by the media. But there’s not just a fifth column in this country living amongst us. There’s a fifth column inside our parliament. And a fifth column at the heart of our democracy.

The ‘fifth column he’s (Kassam) referring to is the collection of Muslim and their extremist Left-wing  MP allies (yes Muslims can be Leftists as well, but they’re always Muslim first) who form a political/social nexus that has seated itself within the halls of British government.

At a time when Islamonazis are running amok worldwide pursuing their (Islamic valid) post-hijra Islam, we have a fifth column actively pursuing those who call out what is obvious to us all, the problem with Islam and the danger its adherents pose to our Western societies built on classical liberalism.

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[According to documents released in our lawsuit against the British government under the Duty of Candor, my support for Israel was also cited as grounds for the ban. An official in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office wrote that the dossier that the government had assembled as the case for banning me was “particularly citing pro-Israeli views.” If supporting Israel can get you banned from Britain, opposing the unrestricted entry of Muslims (including jihad terrorists) into the U.S. certainly can.]

Donald Trump Wins UK Parliament Debate On Banning Donald Trump… Without Even Being There

Hundreds of years of parliamentary tradition, British expectancy over free speech, and indeed decades of the “special relationship” were tossed out of the window today as hard-line left-wing Members of Parliament, combined with virtue-signalling pseudo-conservatives gathered in a British Parliament committee room to debate banning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Some of the language – “Trump’s an idiot” – was quite unparliamentary. But what was MOST unparliamentary was the way in which MPs conducted themselves today, and the fact that the debate went ahead at all.

Because around half a million lefties signed a government e-petition, Parliament was forced to debate the matter. But when half a million people signed a petition to “Stop All Immigration” into the UK – it scarcely got any news coverage.

Instead, the political and media establishments of Britain today once again coalesced to lampoon themselves unknowingly, discussing why a U.S. presidential candidate should be banned for calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States.

I’ve already written about what a joke the premise of the debate was. But the proceedings were worse than anyone could ever have expected.

Notable were the thick Scottish accents, in the packed out Committee Room, slating Donald Trump for being a “bigot” and a “racist”. Many of these are the same Scottish MPs you’d often find in their constituencies slagging off the English. But that’s not racism. That’s patriotism, right?

But what concerned me most, as a man born into a Muslim family in Britain, was the clear abdication of any modicum of “Britishness” by the Muslim Members of Parliament in the chamber.

They whinged. They whined. “Islamophobia! Our feelings are hurt!”

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